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Ambition - OUT OF STOCK Ambition - OUT OF STOCK Ambition - OUT OF STOCK Ambition - OUT OF STOCK Ambition - OUT OF STOCK

Highly polished walnut brown timber finish fading to a black, edge with two gold trim lines on the outer edge and one on the inside adjacent to the glass. Made to your university degree or photo dimensions.

Recommended single mats: 
Cream, Navy Blue 
Recommended double mat combinations: 
Black/Gold, Navy/Gold, Cream/Gold, 

Select University:
It is necessary for us to know the University if you choose the Emblem option.

Document Measurements (in mm)

*Width (mm):

Document Measurements (in mm)

*Height (mm):

Single Mat Colour:
The Single Mat is the coloured piece of mounting board running around the certificate.

*Double Mat Combination:
Two mats within the frame running around the document, the bottom mat exposed only slightly as an accent colour

*Emblem (only available with Double Mat):
Your University emblem or logo reproduced in plaque form and featured in the Mat design.

Price: $189.00
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