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How to frame your testamur

Do not damage the tape attached, as you will require this tape to attach your certificate                   

1)     Begin by placing the frame face down onto a soft towel to protect the frame.

2)     Bend the flexible tabs upwards, TIP It may be helpful if you use a credit card to gently lift the tabs.

3)     Remove the mat board by placing the bottom part of the frame over the table edge then push the glass up with your finger. Remove the mat board and backing board  only and ensure the matting clears the flexible tabs to avoid scratching the mat board

4)     Peel the tape gently which is attached to these instructions and use to attach your degree to the mat board.

5)     Place the testamur face up on a flat surface.

6)     Place the tape, sticky side up halfway across the two top corners on the back side of your certificate. You should have half the tape showing.

7)     Lightly align the mat board onto the testamur so it sits square – press the mat board to the tape. Let the certificate hang down no more tape is required.

8)     Once again being careful to clear the flexible tabs, hold the certificate attached to the mat board together with the barrier paper and backing board and place into the frame face down on the glass.

9)     Bend the flexible tabs to secure.

10)   Turn the frame over so that it’s face up. Gently clean the glass and the outside of the frame with a soft cloth.


Please contact Jackson Frames on 02 9999 1805 should you require any help

In order to preserve your degree, you have chosen a frame which is made from quality components, specially sourced to ensure your qualification is preserved for the long term. The coloured mounts will not fade over time under most environmental conditions. These mounts also feature acid free backing, so it will not affect your degree in any way. In addition, we use an acid free barrier paper between the mount and frame backing board. The backing board we use is also acid free plus UV non reflective glass.

In order to further protect your degree we suggest you hang it out of direct sunlight, and away from any direct heat source.



We specialise in framing degrees and other important documents and offer a mail order service to graduates. We carry a full range of university frames, or if necessary can custom make frames to your requirements.

Ordering frames may be done over the phone or by visiting our website

Once your order is placed we endeavour to deliver your frame within 72 hours. If you require your frames more urgently please don’t hesitate to let us know when placing your order.

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